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Lake Michigan Buoys and Shore Stations

The National Data Buoy Center provides hourly observations from a network of about 90 buoys and 60 Coastal Marine Automated Network (C-MAN) stations. Most stations measure wind speed, direction, and gust; barometric pressure; and air temperature. In addition, all buoy stations, and some C-MAN stations, measure sea surface temperature and wave height and period. Conductivity and water current are measured at selected stations. NDBC also collects and provides data from partners who maintain shore-based stations.

  • If the table below shows "No recent reports", there may be an NDBC server problem- try here. If that doesn't work, try here to go to the NDBC backup server. Moored buoys are retrieved for the winter beginning in November. Buoys with "No recent reports" below may be experiencing technical problems or may have been recovered for the winter.
  • Not all weather conditions are reported by every station.
  • Click a station on the map or the station ID in the table below to visit its website.
  • Click Here for Lake Huron weather buoys and stations
Mesomap of nearby weather buoys

 Air Temperature   Water Temperature   Wind Direction @ Speed   Wind Gust Speed   Barometer   Barometer Trend   Wave Height   Wave Dominant Period 

39.6 °F n/a °F S 20 mph 24 mph 29.66 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

41.7 °F n/a °F SW 18 mph 22 mph 29.63 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

42.6 °F 48.4 °F S 25 mph 27 mph 29.69 in -0.04 in 8.9 ft 8 sec

36.7 °F n/a °F S 1 mph 5 mph 29.71 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

40.8 °F n/a °F S 18 mph 25 mph 29.67 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

41.4 °F n/a °F SSW 14 mph 17 mph 29.63 in -0.02 in n/a ft n/a sec

41.4 °F n/a °F S 10 mph 12 mph 29.69 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

41.4 °F n/a °F SSW 8 mph 9 mph n/a in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

46.0 °F 49.6 °F S 29 mph 33 mph 29.62 in -0.12 in 5.9 ft 6 sec

42.4 °F n/a °F S 17 mph 22 mph n/a in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

41.7 °F n/a °F S 5 mph 17 mph 29.66 in -0.13 in n/a ft n/a sec

43.7 °F n/a °F S 28 mph 31 mph n/a in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

42.4 °F n/a °F SSE 15 mph 17 mph n/a in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

Naubinway MI at 2040: Air:39.6°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@20mph G 24, 29.66in, Wav:n/aft Fairport MI at 2040: Air:41.7°F, Wtr:n/a°F, SW@18mph G 22, 29.63in, Wav:n/aft Northern Lake Michigan at 1950: Air:42.6°F, Wtr:48.4°F, S@25mph G 27, 29.69in, Wav:8.9ft Chambers Island WI (CBRW3) - no recent report available Grand Traverse Lt. MI at 2040: Air:36.7°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@1mph G 5, 29.71in, Wav:n/aft Green Bay Entrance Lt. WI (GBLW3) - no recent report available Algoma City Marina WI (AGMW3) - no recent report available Grand Traverse Bay MI (45020) - no recent report available Big Sable Point MI at 2040: Air:40.8°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@18mph G 25, 29.67in, Wav:n/aft Sheboygan WI at 2100: Air:41.4°F, Wtr:n/a°F, SSW@14mph G 17, 29.63in, Wav:n/aft Muskegon MI at 2120: Air:41.4°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@10mph G 12, 29.69in, Wav:n/aft Holland MI (45029) - no recent report available Milwaukee WI at 2110: Air:41.4°F, Wtr:n/a°F, SSW@8mph G 9, n/ain, Wav:n/aft Southern Lake Michigan at 2050: Air:46.0°F, Wtr:49.6°F, S@29mph G 33, 29.62in, Wav:5.9ft Waukegan Harbor IL at 2040: Air:42.4°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@17mph G 22, n/ain, Wav:n/aft St. Joseph MI at 2100: Air:41.7°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@5mph G 17, 29.66in, Wav:n/aft Chicago IL at 2120: Air:43.7°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@28mph G 31, n/ain, Wav:n/aft Calumet IL (CMTI2) - no recent report available Michigan City IN at 2120: Air:42.4°F, Wtr:n/a°F, SSE@15mph G 17, n/ain, Wav:n/aft

ID Name Time
NABM4 Naubinway MI 2040 39.6 n/a S 20 24 29.66 n/a n/a n/a
FPTM4 Fairport MI 2040 41.7 n/a SW 18 22 29.63 n/a n/a n/a
45002 Northern Lake Michigan 1950 42.6 48.4 S 25 27 29.69 -0.04 8.9 8
CBRW3 Chambers Island WI No recent reports.
GTLM4 Grand Traverse Lt. MI 2040 36.7 n/a S 1 5 29.71 n/a n/a n/a
GBLW3 Green Bay Entrance Lt. WI No recent reports.
AGMW3 Algoma City Marina WI No recent reports.
45020 Grand Traverse Bay MI No recent reports.
BSBM4 Big Sable Point MI 2040 40.8 n/a S 18 25 29.67 n/a n/a n/a
SGNW3 Sheboygan WI 2100 41.4 n/a SSW 14 17 29.63 -0.02 n/a n/a
MKGM4 Muskegon MI 2120 41.4 n/a S 10 12 29.69 n/a n/a n/a
45029 Holland MI No recent reports.
MLWW3 Milwaukee WI 2110 41.4 n/a SSW 8 9 n/a n/a n/a n/a
45007 Southern Lake Michigan 2050 46.0 49.6 S 29 33 29.62 -0.12 5.9 6
WHRI2 Waukegan Harbor IL 2040 42.4 n/a S 17 22 n/a n/a n/a n/a
SJOM4 St. Joseph MI 2100 41.7 n/a S 5 17 29.66 -0.13 n/a n/a
CHII2 Chicago IL 2120 43.7 n/a S 28 31 n/a n/a n/a n/a
CMTI2 Calumet IL No recent reports.
MCYI3 Michigan City IN 2120 42.4 n/a SSE 15 17 n/a n/a n/a n/a